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Utility program to compare fields in two NetCDF files and print out the min and max values from each file and the min and max of the differences between the two fields. The default is to compare all numeric variables in the files, but specific variables can be specified in the namelist or in a separate file. The two input NetCDF filenames are read from the console or can be echo'd into the standard input of the program.

If you want to restrict the comparison to only specific variables in the files, specify the list of field names to compare either in the namelist, or put a list of fields, one per line, in a text file and specify the name of the text file. Only data arrays can be compared, not character arrays, strings, or attribute values.

Namelist interface &compare_states_nml must be read from file input.nml.



This namelist is read from the file input.nml. Namelists start with an ampersand '&' and terminate with a slash '/'. Character strings that contain a '/' must be enclosed in quotes to prevent them from prematurely terminating the namelist.

   do_all_numeric_fields   = .true.
   fieldnames              = ''
   fieldlist_file          = ''
   fail_on_missing_field   = .true.
   only_report_differences = .true.
   debug                   = .false.

Item Type Description
do_all_numeric_fields logical If .true., all integer, float, and double variables in the NetCDF files will have their values compared. If .false. the list of specific variables to be compared must be given either directly in the namelist in the fieldnames item, or else the field names must be listed in an ASCII file, one name per line, and the name of that file is specified in fieldlist_file.
fieldnames character list One or more names of arrays in the NetCDF files to be compared. Only read if do_all_numeric_fields is .false.
fieldlist_file character Name of a text file containing the fieldnames, one per line. It is an error to specify both the fieldnames namelist item and this one. Only read if do_all_numeric_fields is .false.
fail_on_missing_field logical If .true. and any one of the field names is not found in both files it is a fatal error. If .false. a message is printed about the missing field but execution continues.
only_report_differences logical If .true. only print the name of the variable being tested; skip printing the variable value min and max if the two files are identical. If .false. print more details about both variables which differ and varibles with the same values.
debug logical If true print out debugging info.









compare_states Only use single process Only a single mpi process can be used with this program
compare_states must specify data days and times If overwrite_data_time is true, the namelist must include the new day and time.
compare_states output_is_model_advance_file must be true to set advance time If overwrite_advance_time is true, output_is_model_advance_file must also be true.
compare_states must specify advance days and times If overwrite_advance_time is true, the namelist must include the new day and time.
compare_states overwrite_advance_time must be true if output file has advance time If the incoming file does not have a model advance time, the output cannot have one unless the user gives one in the namelist, and sets overwrite_advance_time to true.







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