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The files in this directory contain PDF tutorial materials on DART, and Matlab exercises. See below for links to the PDF files and a list of the corresponding matlab scripts.

This tutorial begins at a more introductory level than the materials in the tutorial directory, and includes hands-on exercises at several points. In a workshop setting, these materials and exercises took about 1.5 days to complete.

DART Tutorial Presentations

Here are the PDF files for the presentation part of the tutorial:

Matlab Hands-On Exercises

In the matlab subdirectory are a set of Matlab scripts and GUI (graphical user interface) programs which are exercises that go with the tutorial. Each is interactive with settings that can be changed and rerun to explore various options. A valid Matlab license is needed to run these scripts.

The exercises use the following functions:

To run these, cd into the DART_LAB/matlab directory, start matlab, and type the names at the prompt.

Terms of Use

DART software - Copyright UCAR. This open source software is provided by UCAR, "as is", without charge, subject to all terms of use at http://www.image.ucar.edu/DAReS/DART/DART_download

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