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Changes to Core DART routines / New Models or Changes to Existing Models / New or Changed Forward Operators / Observation Converters / New or Updated DART Diagnostics / Tutorial, Scripting, Setup, Builds / Terms of Use


This document includes an overview of the changes in the DART system since the Kodiak release. For further details on any of these items look at the HTML documentation for that specific part of the system.

There is a longer companion document for this release, the Lanai Release Notes, which include installation instructions, a walk-through of running one of the low-order models, the diagnostics, and a description of non-backward compatible changes. See the Notes for Current Users section for additional information on changes in this release.


Changes to Core DART routines

This section describes changes in the basic DART library routines since the Kodiak release.

New Models or Changes to Existing Models

Several new models have been incorporated into DART. This section details both changes to existing models and descriptions of new models that have been added since the Kodiak release.


New or changed Forward Operators

This section describes changes to the Foward Operators and new Generic Kinds or Specific Types that have been added since the Kodiak release.


Observation Converters

This section describes support for new observation types or sources that have been added since the Kodiak release.


New or updated DART Diagnostics

This section describes new or updated diagnostic routines that have been added since the Kodiak release.


Tutorial, Scripting, Setup, Builds

This section describes updates and changes to the tutorial materials, scripting, setup, and build information since the Kodiak release.


Terms of Use

DART software - Copyright UCAR. This open source software is provided by UCAR, "as is", without charge, subject to all terms of use at http://www.image.ucar.edu/DAReS/DART/DART_download

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