DART "Iceland release" summary of changes.

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The DART Iceland release (23 Nov 2005) is expected to be the last update that makes major modifications to the user interfaces to DART and the DART interfaces to models or observations. The primary purpose of this release is to improve the way that DART handles observation sequences. The goal is to provide a more modular fashion for adding new types of observations with potentially complex forward operators and arbitrary amounts and types of metadata that are needed to define a particular observation. Limited backward compatibility has been implemented for existing observation sequence files, however, it is strongly recommended that users switch to the new format as quickly as possible.


The changes to the observation sequences impact large portions of the DART code. In addition, Iceland also implements a number of other improvements and additions to DART and fixes several known bugs from earlier releases. Highlights of the changes from the workshop and Hawaii releases are:

  1. Namelist error detection.
    Enhanced error checking capabilities for DART namelist reads are included. The input.nml must now contain an entry for each namelist that is read by a program, even if none of the values in that namelist entry are set. For instance, if a program that uses the assim_tools_mod is run, input.nml MUST contain an entry &assim_tools_nml. Any namelist values to be set must follow this and the list is terminated by a /. If no entries are to be set in a given namelist, it must still be terminated by a line that contains only a slash (/). If a variable that is NOT in a given namelist is found in input.nml, a fatal error occurs. Failing to terminate a namelist with slash is also fatal. Tools to support this improved namelist error detection are implemented in utilities_mod and can be used to check for errors in other applications.
  2. Automatic detection of input file format.
    Restart and observation sequence files can be written in binary or ascii as in previous releases. However, file formats for reads are now detected automatically. The namelist entries 'read_binary_restart_files' in assim_model_nml and 'read_binary_obs_sequence' in obs_sequence_nml have been removed.
  3. Error corrected in threed_sphere/location_mod.
    An error in the Hawaii and Workshop releases led to the possibility of erroneous computations of distance in the threed_sphere/location_mod. The error only occurred if the namelist entry 'approximate_distance' was set to .true. (the default was .false.) and errors were generally small and confined to observations located in polar regions. The result could be that localization was not applied properly to polar observations.
  4. Support for reduced precision real computation.
    For some large model applications, using reduced precision reals can enhance performance. The definition of 'real(r8)' in types_mod can now be modified to support different real precision. Some computations in the time_manager can fail with reduced precision, so all time computations now use an independent fixed precision.
  5. Quality control definition change.
    values written to quality control (qc) fields by perfect_model_obs and filter have been modified. If a prior (posterior) forward operator computation fails, qc for that observation is incremented by 1000 (1000000). If the prior (posterior) observation lies outside the outlier_threshold, the qc for that observation is incremented by 100 (400).
  6. Added obs_sequence file header.
    Observation sequence files (obs_sequence files) now include a metadata header that includes a list of the names of each observation type that might be used in the file along with a mapping to an integer for each name in the file. Old format files without a header are automatically detected and a default mapping of integer indices for observation types to observation type names is used. This default mapping works for most low-order model, bgrid and CAM obs_sequence files. It is strongly recommended that legacy obs_sequence files be converted to the new format by inserting a header block with the appropriate names and integer mappings.
  7. Interactive creation input for obs_sequence files.
    A standard method for creating obs_sequence files is to redirect a text file to standard input and use the interactive creation facility in create_obs_sequence. Old input files for this procedure may no longer work correctly and may need to be updated. The new interactive creation interface allows the name of observations to be used, or an integer index. However, the integer index is now defined by a table in the obs_kind_mod and may change dynamically. Users should understand this procedure.
  8. obs_def_nml moved to obs_kind_nml.
    The obs_def_nml in previous releases had entries to choose what observation types to assimilate or evaluate. These entries have been moved to obs_kind_nml and obs_def_nml no longer exists.
  9. Preprocessor functionality has changed.
    While the preprocess program still needs to be run when setting up DART experiments, it now works differently. Previously, the preprocessor read obs_def_mod.F90 and created obs_def_mod.f90 in a fashion very similar to the standard CPP preprocessor. The new preprocessor does not look like CPP. It reads input from DEFAULT_obs_kind_mod.F90, DEFAULT_obs_def_mod.F90, and from any requested special obs_def modules and creates an obs_kind_mod.f90 and an obs_def_mod.f90. Documentation of this new functionality is available in tutorial section 21 and in the html files for preprocess, obs_kind_mod, and obs_def_mod.
  10. Improved observation space diagnostics interfaces.
    The observation space diagnostics program and associated diagnostic tools are now all located in the diagnostics directory. The interfaces and controls have been modified and are described in html documentation and in the tutorial section 18. Consistent interfaces for low-order models and large three-dimensional atmospheric models have been provided.


A summary list of changes occurring in each DART directory follows:
assim_model Uses digits12 for netcdf time computations allowing reduced precision models; automatic detection of restart file input format, read_binary_restart removed from namelist, namelist error checking.
assim_tools Namelist error checking added. Order in which computation of ensemble prior and observation to state distance are computed has been changed in attempt to increase efficiency (should have only round-off level impact on results). Added ability to print out regional regression coefficients when using the parallel implementation.
common: types_mod.f90 Added digits12 real precision kind for doing times with required precision when rest of assimilation is done with reduced real precision, added gravity to constants list.
converters These WRF specific routines have been significantly modified to use the updated release of WRF. See the files and the WRF specific documentation for details.
cov_cutoff added optional argument localization_override to comp_cov_factor to override the namelist selection of the localization_type for a single call. Changed to more computationally efficient method for computing value of Gaspari Cohn function. Namelist error checking.
diagnostics Observation space diagnostics are now included in this directory. There are directories for oned models and threed_sphere models, each contains an obs_diag.f90 program along with its namelist and documentation. The matlab directory contains matlab scripts for plotting the results of observation space diagnostics.
ensemble_manager Includes commented block needed to write out ensemble mean for WRF boundary forcing computations. Namelist error checking.
filter Incorporated new namelist error checking, modified calls to read_obs_seq_header to support automatic file format detection, changed to new qc values (see summary above). Namelist error checking.
integrate_model Namelist error checking.
location/threed_sphere Added 5 VERTIS**** variables for describing vertical location kinds. Corrected error in table lookup for approximate computation of cos and sin by doubling range of lookup table. Added public logical functions vert_is_undef and vert_is_surface. Improved menu for interactive definition of locations. Namelist error checking.
matlab Minor modifications to several scripts.
mkmf Templates cleaned up and templates for additional platforms added.
models All with namelists have namelist error detection.
models/bgrid_solo Use new generic kind definitions to decide how to interpolate observations.
models/lorenz_04 Added nc_read_model_vars to read in netcdf file format.
ncep_obs The code from NCEP to read bufr files has been added to the directory. This is not technically part of DART but is required as a first phase for BUFR file translation. Program create_real_obs has been generalized to read in portions of days if required and to use the new obs_kind and obs_def modules and the obs_def_reanalysis_bufr_mod.f90 to include much more detailed descriptions of the types of observations. The obs_diag programs have been moved to the diagnostics directory. The matlab diagnostic routines have also been moved to the diagnostics directory and generalized.
DEFAULT_obs_def_mod.F90 Replaces obs_def_mod.f90, preprocessed to create obs_def_mod.f90. No longer has a namelist (previous namelist moved to obs_kind_nml). Function get_obs_name returns the name string for an observation kind given the integer kind index. Routine set_obs_def_key added to set the value of the integer key associated with an obs_def_type. Provides default mapping for obs_sequence files in the old format that do not have a header table mapping indices to obs_kind strings.
obs_def_dew_point_mod.f90 New module for doing dew point forward operators.
obs_def_metar_mod.f90 New module for doing surface observation forward operators.
obs_def_radar_mod.f90 Revised version of radar forward operator module that works with DEFAULT_obs_def_mod.F90.
obs_def_1d_state_mod.f90 Computes forward operators for interpolation and integrals of low-order models with a single state variable type on a cyclic domain.
obs_def_reanalysis_bufr_mod.f90 Computes forward operators for all types of observations available in the reanalysis BUFR files.
DEFAULT_obs_kind_mod.F90 Replaces obs_kind_mod.f90, preprocessed to create obs_kind_mod.f90. Includes new 'generic' kind definitions list with associated integers. Each observation kind must be associated with one of these generic kinds. Now has namelist to define what observation kinds are being assimilated or evaluated plus new namelist error checking. Provides new interfaces to get information about obs_kind: get_obs_kind_name returns the observation name string given a kind index; get_obs_kind_index does the inverse, assimilate_this_obs_kind and evaluate_this_obs_kind return true if this observation index is one that is to be used in this way; get_obs_kind_var_type returns the generic kind associated with an observation type, get_kind_from_menu offers interactive creation capability.
obs_sequence_mod.f90 obs_sequence files now have a header that maps from obs_kind indices to a string that uniquely identifies the observation kind. Automatic detection of obs_sequence file formats and old format without header. Automatic namelist error detection and removal of read_binary_obs_sequence from namelist. Removal of code for WRF radar observations.
perfect_model_obs.f90 Uses revised calls to read_obs_seq_header and read_obs_seq to use automatic file format detection. Automatic namelist error detection.
preprocess.f90 Now preprocesses the DEFAULT_obs_kind_mod.F90 and DEFAULT_obs_def_mod.F90 and inputs information from obs_def_???_mod.f90 files such as obs_def_reanalysis_bufr_mod. Looks for fixed format text strings in the input files to determine what sections of code to extract and where to insert them in the DEFAULT files. Namelist includes the names of the two input DEFAULT files, the names of the output preprocessed files (normally obs_def_mod.f90 and obs_kind_mod.f90 in the appropriate directories) and a list of all the obs_def_???_mod.f90 files that are to be incorporated.
reg_factor_mod.f90 Automatic namelist error detection.
shell_scripts Several new scripts for managing files and cleaning up DART directories have been added. Significant modifications have been made to the platform specific scripts advance_ens, assim_filter, and filter_server. Versions for additional platforms have been added.
time_manager_mod.f90 Use of digits12 precision for real computations allows reduced precision to be used for rest of dart. Optional error return added to read_time to support automatic file detection for dart state vector files.
tutorial The workshop tutorial scripts have been updated to correct several errors and to be consistent with the preprocessing changes. Section 21 has been added to describe the new obs_sequence implementation.
utilities_mod.f90 Namelist error detection added.

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