RMprecip {fields}R Documentation

Monthly total precipitation (mm) for August 1963 in the Rocky Mountain Region


This is a useful spatial data set of moderate size consisting of 865 locations. See www.image.ucar.edu/stats/GSP/DATA for the source of these data.


This data set is a list containing the following components:

Longitude-latitude position of monitoring stations. Rows names are station id codes.
Station elevation in meters.
Monthly total precipitation in millimeters. for August 1963


# this data set was created  the 
# historical data  taken from 
# Observed monthly precipitation, min and max temperatures for the coterminous US 
# 1895-1997
# NCAR_pinfill 
# see the Geophysical Statistics Project datasets page for the supporting functions 
# and details. 

# plot 
quilt.plot(RMprecip$x, RMprecip$y)
US( add=TRUE, col=2, lty=2)


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