W.info {fields}R Documentation

Gives indexing imfomration for a wavelet decompostion


Functions for finding various indices and sizes of different parts of a 1-d multiresolution and converting to a sequential index.


W.info(m = 128, cut.min = 4)

W.i2s(ind, m, cut.min)

W.s2i(i, level, m, cut.min)


m Length of series
cut.min Number of scale basis functions (or father wavelets) at the coarsest resolution )
ind Vector of indices of the basis functions.
i Position of the basis function within its level.
level level of resolution (father wavelets have level==0).


W.info gives summary information about the multiresolution. W.i2s converts a sequential index for the basis functions into a list with locations and levels. W.s2i is the inverse transformation from a list structure to an integer index.


Return list for W.info

m length of series
cut.min cut.min (what else!)
S first and last indices for father wavelets
H a matrix where rows are levels of resolution and columns are the first and last indices for the mother basis functions.
L number of basis funcion in each level of the mother wavelets.
offset a matrix where rows are levels of resolution and the columns is the offset index for the beginning of the indices for basis funtion at that resolution level.


Doug Nychka

See Also

Wtransform, Wtransform.image, plot.Wimage, Wimage.info


# series of length 64 where the coarsest level is 8 father basis functions. 
W.info(64, 8)

#index for 4th basis location at the 2nd level

W.s2i( 4, 2, m=64, cut.min=8)
# location and level for the 48th basis function.
W.i2s( 48, m=64, cut.min=8)

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