image.count {fields}R Documentation

Creates image for a 2-d histogram from irregular locations


Discretizes a matrix of 2-d locations and counts the number of occurrences for each grid box.


image.count(x, grid=NULL, nrow=64, ncol=64,...)


grid A list with components x and y of equally spaced values describing the centers of the grid points. The default is to use nrow and ncol and the ranges of the data locations (x) to construct a grid.
nrow Number of rows for the image. Note that nrows equals the number of x values and corresponds to the horizontal dimension.
ncol Number of columns for the image. Note that ncol= number of y values and will be the vertical dimension.
... Other possible arguments (not used)


An list in image format. Components x and y are the grid values , z is a nrow X ncol matrix with the Z values. NA's are placed at cell locations where Z data has not been supplied.

See Also

image.smooth, image.plot, Krig.discretize, Krig.replicates


look<- image.count( RMprecip$x, nrow=32, ncol=32)
image.plot( look) 

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