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Plots smoothing spline regression object


Plots a series of three plots that summarizes the smoothing spline regression object.


plot.sreg(x, main = NA, digits = 4, which = c(TRUE, TRUE, TRUE, TRUE), 
               graphics.reset= TRUE, ...)


x A sreg object.
main Title of the plot. Default is the function call.
digits Number of significant digits for the RMSE label.
which Logical vector of length 4 that controls which of the four graphs to plot. Default is to plot all 4.
graphics.reset Reset to original graphics parameters after plotting. Default is TRUE.
... Optional plotting arguments that are passed to the first two scatterplots. e.g pch="."


This function creates four summary plots of the sreg object– the results of fitting a cubic smoothing spline to a data set. The first plot is a plot of the sreg fit(s) to the data. The second is predicted values vs residuals, and the third is effective number of parameters vs estimated average squared prediction errors. The fourth is a histogram ( or boxplots) of residuals.

See Also

sreg, plot


# fit rat data
plot(fit)                       # plot sreg fit 

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