plot.surface {fields}R Documentation

Plots a surface


Plots a surface object in several different ways to give 3-d information e.g. a contour plots, perspective plots.


plot.surface(x, main = NULL, type = "C", zlab = NULL, xlab = NULL,
    ylab = NULL, levels = NULL, zlim = NULL, graphics.reset = NULL,
     labcex = 0.6, add.legend=TRUE, ...)


x A surface object. At the minimum a list with components x,y and z in the same form as the input list for the standard contour, persp or image functions. This can also be an object from predict.surface.
main Title for plot.
type type="p" for a perspective/drape plot, type="I" for an image plot with a legend strip (see image.plot). type="C" is the "I" option with contours lines added. type="b" gives both "p" and "C" as a 2X1 panel
zlab z-axes label
xlab x-axes label
ylab y-axes labels
levels Vector of levels to be passed to contour function.
graphics.reset Reset to original graphics parameters after function plotting. Default is to reset if type ="b" but not for the single plot options.
zlim Sets z limits on perspective plot.
labcex Label sizes for axis labeling etc.
add.legend If TRUE adds a legend to the draped perspective plot
... Other graphical parameters that are passed along to either drape.persp or image.plot

See Also

surface, predict.surface, as.surface, drape.plot, image.plot


fit<- Tps( BD[,1:4], BD$lnya) # fit surface to data 

# surface of variables 2 and 3 
#    holding 1 and 4 fixed at their median levels
 out.p<-predict.surface(fit, xy=c(2,3))  
 plot.surface(out.p, type="C") # surface plot  

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