set.panel {fields}R Documentation

Specify a panel of plots


Divides up the graphics window into a matrix of plots.


set.panel(m=1, n=1, relax=FALSE)


m Number of rows in the panel of plots
n Number of columns in the panel.
relax If true and the par command is already set for multiple plots, then the set.panel command is ignored. The default is relax set to false.


After set.panel is called, the graphics screen is reset to put plots according to a m x n table. Plotting starts in the upper left hand corner and proceeds row by row. After m x n plots have been drawn, the next plot will erase the window and start in the 1,1 position again. This function is just a repackaging for specifying the mfrow argument to par. Setting up a panel of plots is a quick way to change the aspect ratio of the graph (ratio of height to width) or the size. For example, plotting 2 plots to a page produces a useful size graph for including in a report. You can print out the graphs at any stage without having to fill up the entire window with plots. This function, except for the "relax" option is equivalent to the S sequence: par( mfrow=c(m,n)).

Side Effects

The function will echo your choice of m and n to the terminal.

See Also



set.panel(5,2) #divide screen to hold 10 plots where there are 5 rows  
               #and 2 columns 
plot( 1:10) 
plot( 2:8)

set.panel() #reset screen to one plot per screen 

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