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Summary for Krig spatial process estimate


Creates a list of summary results including estimates for the nugget variance (sigma) and the smoothing parameter (lambda). This list is usually printed using print.summary.Krig.


summary.Krig(object, digits=4,...)


object A Krig object.
digits Number of significant digits in summary.
... Other arguments to summary


This function is a method for the generic function summary for class Krig. The results are formatted and printed using print.summary.Krig.


Gives a summary of the Krig object. The components include the function call, number of observations, effective degrees of freedom, residual degrees of freedom, root mean squared error, R-squared and adjusted R-squared, log10(lambda), cost, GCV minimum and a summary of the residuals.

See Also

Krig, summary, print.summary.Krig


fit<- Krig(ozone$x, ozone$y, theta=100)  
summary(fit)                            # summary of fit 

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