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GSP consisted of: Doug Nychka, Elizabeth Rothney, Timothy Hoar, Sarah Streett, and Thomas Bengtsson. Several members completed their terms with GSP: Hee-Seok Oh, Enrica Bellone, and Brandon Whitcher. Eric Gilleland (CSU PhD student) now works in RAP, and Uli Schneider (CU PhD student) works part-time with GSP. We also had weekly collaborative visits from Craig Johns (CU-Denver), Steve Sain (CU-Denver), and Thomas Lee (CSU); mostly in the latter third of the year.

Society Meetings

GSP Seminars

  • March 3, 2003, Foothills Lab 2, 1002: GTP (Geophysical Turbulence Program) and GSP are having a one-day retreat to outline mathematical problems in the atmospheric sciences.

  • Dec 11, 2002, Center Green 2414: Dorin Drignei, Iowa State Characterizing the uncertainty in scaling AOGCM results: a statistical pilot study

  • Nov 8, 2002, Center Green Board Room @ 1:30: Alan Gelfand, ISDS, Duke University, Inference for Misaligned Spatial Data Layers: The "Change of Support" and "Modifiable Areal Unit" Problems

  • Apr 8, 2002, Directors Conf. Room, 10:30am: Bill Eddy, CMU; Putting Heads Together: Combining Information in Functional Neuroimaging Studies

  • Mar 12, 2002, Directors Conf. Room: Amy Nail, NCSU

  • Feb 26, 2002, Directors Conf. Room: Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
    1. 11:00 - 12:00; Robust prediction for spatial processes   Baptiste Fournier
    2. 1:30- 2:30; Nonstationarity issues in geostatistical modeling   Reinhard Furrer
    3. 2:45- 3:45; Two-Way Plots   Professor Stephan Morgenthaler

  • Feb 15, 2002, Directors Conf., Room, 10:30am: Vera Bulaevskaya, University of Minnesota; Penalized Likelihood Approach to Magnetic Resonance Imaging

  • Feb 14, 2002, Directors Conf. Room, 11:00am: K. F. Turkman, University of Lisbon, Portugal; A Bayesian Approach to Event Prediction

  • Feb 4, 2002, Chapman Room, 10:00am: Rui Paolo, Duke

  • Jan 31, 2002, Fleischman Bldg, 3:30pm: Steve Sain, CU-Denver; Directed Clustering - Using Mixtures to Fit Regression Trees

  • Jan 17, 2002, Chapman Room, 1:00pm: Jim Hack, NCAR; Intro to GCM's, Part II.

  • Jan 11, 2002, Chapman Room, 1:30pm: Jim Hack, NCAR; Intro to GCM's, Part I.

Visitors to GSP in 2002

    Baptiste Fournier ---- --22                    
    Reinhard Furrer   20-- --2                  
    Christoph Gebhardt           1-- -- --1        
    Richard Smith           20-- -- --10        
    Amy Grady           25-- -- --2        
    Petrutza Caragea           27-- --3          
    Chris Paciorek             1--31          
600 1327 Steve Sain             1--31          
601 1748 Uli Schneider             1-- --15        
    Hans-Ruedi Kuensch             24--26          
    Jarrett Barber                        
509 1724 Dorin Drignei                 1-- -- -- --15

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