Institute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences (IMAGe)


GTP Annual Meeting 2009

September 3, 2009
Location: Foothills Laboratory 2, Room 3107



John Clyne, Larry Cornman, Aimé Fournier, Rod Frehlich, Jack Herring,Yoshi Kimura, Don Lenschow, Ralph Milliff, Chin-hoh Moeng, Doug Nychka, Ned Patton, Annick Pouquet, Mark Rast, Duane Rosenberg, Piotr Smolarkiewicz, Chris Snyder, Peter Sullivan, Jielun Sun, Joe Tribbia.
Notes taken by Duane Rosenberg

  • Review of FY09: $ 52.6K spent, with
    • $1.7 k on seminars (4 of them, plus 6 free to GTP, with mostly HAO co-sponsorship)
    • $31.2k on visitors (7 people; 95% MMM)
    • $20.6k on equipment (100% EOL)

  • Committments made for F'09 that will carry over to F' 2010:
    • $ 6K for a GTP retreat
    • $ 12K for visitors (TNT)
    • $ 30K for workshop on rotating stratified flows: Zeitlin & Chomaz in EU; CHRIS SNYDER has kindly accepted to be the LOCAL ORGANIZER
    • $ 10K for workshop in the honor of Bob Kraichnan, in Beijing (co-organized by GTP)
  • Fiscal 2010:

    $8K to spend on top of the previous commitment
    • Another workshop:
      No proposition; AP suggested a workshop-like small meeting to bring in J. Brasseur, A. Guenther, Ned Patton, etc. to consider chemistry in turbulence. Patton agreed to lead this effort. See (5) below.
    • 1-SEMINARS
      Seminar speaker recommendations (3 days + 1 day travel; $ with no overhead):
      Tribbia: Eleftherios, Chorin
      Fournier: Sreenivasan
      Sullivan: Riley, Feron, P.K. Yeung
      Chin-hoh: Nicholas Jaron (sp?)
      Herring: R. Salmon
      Total seminars..................................$11K
      Already in the pipeline, invited by Pouquet:
      Bouchet (LANL) in October
      Balbus (Paris) in November.
    • 2-VISITORS
      Visitor recommendations ($ include overhead):

      Lenschow Gurarie.  1 month.   $ 4.6K
      Patton, Frehlich, Sullivan, Lenschow Jakob Mann,  1 month,  $4.6K
      Patton Finnigan 1 month , $4.6K
      Pouquet Dubrulle 2 weeks   $2.6K
      Pouquet, Patton, Sullivan Jim Brasseur 1 month $4.6K  
      Rast J. F. Pinton 1-2 weeks $2.6K
      Rosenberg Omar Ghattas 1 week   $1.6K
      Sullivan Harm Jonker   1 month   $ 4.6K
      Jielun Sun(LATE REQUEST) Mahrt 1 wk   $1.6K
      Tribbia J. McWilliams   1 month   $ 4.6K
      Total visitors: $36K

      Recommendations ($ include overhead)
      Smolarkiewicz: Cossette, 3 month, $12K Piotrowski, 3 months, $12.5K Total grad students/post doc.............$24.5K
      GTP retreat extras, Tribbia and Pouquet: $1.9K
    • 5-GTP FY 2010 WORKSHOP
      Workshop ($ with no overhead):
      Extended round table on chemistry in turbulence, Patton, $13K
      Reserve for Mark and John for VAPOR enhancement (TBD) ($includes overhead) $4.6K
      Reserve for GTP at ~ 7% $7K
      Total FY2010 recommendations....................$98K
      Note that all numbers have been decreased a bit compared to what was discussed in our meeting, in order to accommodate a new request and a remark made to me that a GTP reserve should be maintained for emergencies.
      Stimulus package post-doc position for 2 years, $ 133K each year salary + a little travel):
      Pouquet: Reminded GTP of postdoc position(s) received from stimulus funds on the basis of a GTP request and of Al Kellie and Eric Barron's support. Made clear that the appointment(s) would be for petascale work. Discussion ensued on whether this should be a scientific appointment, or a computer scientist, or a mixture of both, with preference for the former. Pouquet wanted comments on the selection process.
      Tribbia: Suggested that we don't go through ASP, but put something out now, not waiting for the ASP deadlines and timetables. It could give us an edge in getting a candidate. Also believes that it would be a mistake to have 2 * 1-year postdocs, instead of 1 * 2-year position.
      There was agreement on this point.
      Millif: wanted to discuss the TOY selection, and Pouquet pointed him to Nychka/IMAGe.

TO-DO: Annick writes the first versions of a post-doc add, and it is circulated. A selection committee has to be formed.
TO-DO: Joe and Annick organize a GTP retreat in 2010
TO-DO: Ned confirms his organizing a "round-table with guests" on chemical turbulence
TO-DO: Mark and John check on availability of Kenny (or some other person?) for VAPOR follow-up on Kenny's PhD
TO-DO: All divisional hosts of visitors (seminars, short and long term, grad students and post-docs) are responsible for invitations, for communicating dates to me with a one-line topic, for visit details, and for a one paragraph report (to one page at most, including a figure)by the end of the fiscal year, with help of GTP administration for travel, etc.

Please let me know your remarks.Annick