Gravity-Wave Refraction by Three-Dimensional Winds: New Effects and a New Parametrization Scheme

Oliver Buhler
Courant Intitute of Mathematical Sciences

Current parametrizations of gravity-wave drag in general circulation models of the Earth's atmosphere explicitly conserve wave pseudomomentum flux. This approach assumes a basic- state flow that is horizontally uniform and it allows a direct connection between wave dissipation and wave-induced forcing of the flow. However, when the horizontal structure of the basic-state flow is no longer uniform this approach fails. In this instance the more fundamental principle of wave action conservation must be invoked and one can no longer associate all wave-induced forcing with wave dissipation. This gives rise to new interaction effects (joint work with ME McIntyre), which can be accounted for in a new parametrization scheme (joint work with JF Scinocca). Both will be described in this talk.

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