Andrew Majda
Morse Professor of Arts and Sciences
Department of Mathematics and Climate, Atmosphere, Ocean Science (CAOS)
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Multi-Scale Models on Mesoscales and Coherent Structures: Squall Lines and the Hurricane Embryo

This lecture begins with a brief overview of multi-scale models in the tropics on scales from 10km to 10,000km and their use in explaining phenomena such as the observed statistical self-similarity of moist tropical dynamics on a range of scales.
The major part of the talk is to describe two different new multi-scale models applying on scales from 10km to 100km on time scales of 15 minutes to 2.5hours. These two different models are useful for understanding the multi-scale and upscale eddy fluxes in squall lines and the interaction of vorticity and convection in the Hurricane embryo for tropical cyclogenesis.