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[   ]CAM_1-20.gztar2007-04-13 15:22 530M 
[   ]CAM_21-25.gztar2007-04-13 15:25 132M 
[   ]DART_MPI_CO_1-20.gztar2007-04-13 15:21 328M 
[   ]DART_MPI_CO_21-25.gztar2007-04-13 15:21 86M 


These files can be unpacked with:

tar -zxvf CAM_1-20.gztar
If you get an error about -z being an unsupported flag, try this instead:
gunzip -c CAM_1-20.gztar | tar -xvf -
Note the trailing single dash above; it tells tar to read standard input for the data to unpack.

They'll create subdirectories CAM, CLM, and DART_MPI with the appropriate files in them. So they should be unpacked where they won't interfere with any other CAM, CLM, or DART_MPI directories that you've already unpacked (initial condition sets with different resolutions or dates).

The filter_ic.#### files in DART_MPI are binary and are "little-endian", so they should be readable on Intel (including recent Macs), AMD and SGI chips. If you are running on a "big-endian" machine (e.g. an IBM Power system, or a pre-Intel Mac), there is a conversion program in .../DART/utilities/swabrestart.c that can be compiled:

cc -o swabrestart swabrestart.c
and copied over to the current directory, and then run like this:
./swabrestart < filter_ic.0001 > filter_ic_bigend.0001
(The swabrestart program will not run correctly on a little-endian machine, but it is not needed there. It was written to convert files into big-endian when running on a big-endian machine.)

The directories with CO in their names have files that include carbon monoxide in the state vector. CO can be excluded by using trans_pv_sv_time0 to translate the CAM initial files to new filter_ic files.