Some images of conferences, work and family.
PDEs on the sphere 2004: All having a nice Kirin beer in a Chinese restaurant in Japan (go figure!).
Summer 2004: We actually work (to be sure we took a picture!). Martin was visiting NCAR and we found an interesting result that was shown at DDM16.
Conference@Copper mountain 2004: Hans D., Christiane Jablonowski, me, Stephen Thomas and Dimitri Mavriplis.
Conference@Copper mountain 2004: Montrealers ! (me, Cathy Mavriplis and Stephen Thomas).
17th International Conference on Domain Decomposition: St-Wolfgang Austria (2006)
People involved with domain decomposition...
I water-skied on this lake!
Lunch in Geneva with a great group of Mathematicians (can you find the two Quebecers?)
18th International Conference on Domain Decomposition: Israel (2008)
DDM people: Laurene, Martin, Amik, Olivier and Caroline.
Kim wakeboarding 2007
Olivier Skate-surfing 2007
Daddy can you get me this boat?
Olivier and Kim Quebec summer 2007
My wife Sophie and me on a trip to Florida winter 2006.
Natasha, Kim(in between) and Sophie 2006
My two kids: Olivier and Kim 2006
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