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Select Peer-Reviewed Publications

  High-Order Galerkin  &  FV Methods:-

Nair, R. D., 2009:  Diffusion Experiments with a Global Discontinuous
                  Galerkin Shallow Water Model.  Monthly Weather Review.   [Revised]

Nair, R. D.
, H-W. Choi, and H. M. Tufo, 2009:  Computational aspects of a scalable high-order discontinuous Galerkin
           atmospheric dynamical core.  Computers & Fluids, Vol. 38, 309-319. [pdf-paper]

Levy, M. N., R. D. Nair and H. M. Tufo, 2008: A high-order element-based Galerkin method for the barotropic
                 vorticity equation. Int. J. Numer. Meth. Fluids (DOI: 10.1002/fld.1874),  [to apper]

Nair, R. D., H. M. Tufo, 2007: Petascale atmospheric general circulation models.  SciDAC 2007, June 24-28,  Boston, USA. 
               Journal  of Physics: Conference Series, Vol.78,   (JPCS) 
  Cheruvu,V., R.  D.  Nair and H.  M.  Tufo, 2007:  A spectral finite volume transport scheme on the sphere.     
                      Applied Numerical Math., Vol.  [pdf-paper].
Levy, M. N., R. D. Nair and H. M. Tufo, 2007:  High-order finite element methods for scalable global                                           
           atmospheric models. Computers and Geosciences.  [pdf-paper]

Choi, H-W.,  R. D. Nair and H.M. Tufo, 2006:  A scalable high-order Discontinuous Galerkin methods for global atmospheric
          modeling. Proceedings of International Conference, Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics.  ParCFD06.
Dennis, J.M., R. D. Nair, H.M. Tufo, M. Levy, and T. Voran, 2008: Development of a Scalable Global    
            Discontinuous   Galerkin Atmospheric Model.  Int. J. of Comput. Sci. Eng. [in press]
Nair, R. D., S. J. Thomas and R. D. Loft, 2005: A discontinuous Galerkin transport scheme on the cubed sphere.  
              Monthly Weather Review,Vol. 133, pp 814-828 [pdf-paper]
Nair, R. D., S. J. Thomas and R. D. Loft, 2005: A discontinuous Galerkin global shallow water model.      
                 Monthly Weather Review, Vol. 133, pp 876-888  [pdf-paper]

  Semi-Lagrangian Methods (Conservative, Remapping  &  Cascade interpolation):-

 Norman, M. R., F. H. M. Semazzi and R. D. Nair, 2009: Conservative Cascade Interpolation on the Sphere: An
             Intercomparison of Various Non-Oscillatory Reconstructions. Quart. J. Royal Meteorological Soc.,  [to appear]

 Norman, M. R., and R. D. Nair, 2008: Inherently Conservative Nonpolynomial-Based Remapping Schemes: Application to
              Semi-Lagrangian Transport, Monthly Weather Review,Vol.136,  5044-5061,  [pdf-paper]

 Lauritzen, P. H. and  R. D. Nair, 2008:  Monotone and conservative Remapping between spherical grids (CaRs):
                  Regular latitude-logitude and cubed-sphere grids. Monthly Weather Review,Vol.136, 1416-1432,  [pdf-paper] 

 Nair, R. D., 2004:  Extension of a conservative cascade scheme on the sphere to  large Courant numbers.

            Monthly Weather Review, Vol. 132, 390-395. [pdf-paper]

 Nair, R. D., J. S. Scroggs, and F.H.M. Semazzi,  2003:   A Forward-Trajectory  global semi-Lagrangian transport scheme.
            J. Computational Physics, Vol. 193, 275-294. [pdf-paper]

 Nair, R. D., J. S. Scroggs, and F.H.M. Semazzi,  2002:  Efficient conservative global transport schemes for climate
            and atmospheric chemistry models,    Monthly Weather Review, Vol.130, 2059-2073. [pdf-paper]

 Nair, R. D., and B. Machenhauer,  2002:  The mass-conservative cell-integrated semi-Lagrangian advection scheme on the sphere.
            Monthly Weather Review,  Vol.130, 647-667. [pdf-paper]

 Nair, R. D., J. Cote,  and A. Staniforth,  1999:  Cascade interpolation for semi-Lagrangian advection over the sphere.
            Quart. J. Royal Meteorological . Soc.,   Vol.125, 1445-1468. [pdf-paper]

 Nair, R. D., J. Cote  and  A. Staniforth, 1999: Monotonic Cascade interpolation for semi-Lagrangian advection.
            Quart. J. Royal Meteorological Soc., Vol.125, 197-212. [pdf-paper]

             A Benchmark Test-Case for Advection Problems  on the Sphere:-
                       Nair, R. D
. and C. Jablonowski, 2008:  Moving vortices on the sphere: A test case  for horizontal advection problems.
                          Monthly Weather Review,  Vol.136,  699-711[pdf-paper]