Chicago ozone test data {fields}R Documentation

Data set of ozone measurements at 20 Chicago monitoring stations.


This data set used be named ozone but was changed to avoid conflict with other packages. The ChicagoO3 data is a list of components, x and y. x component is longitude and latitude position of each of the 20 Chicago monitoring stations, y is the average daily ozone values over the time period 6/3/87-8/30/87. These data are used extensively for the test scripts and simple examples. The lasting scientific value is probably minimal.


This data set is a list containing the following components:

Longitude-latitude positions of monitoring stations.


An approximate Cartesian set of coordinates for the locations where the units are in miles. The origin is in the center of the locations.


Average daily ozone values over 1987 summer.


AIRS, the EPA air quality data base.

See Also

Tps, Krig


fit<- Tps(ChicagoO3$x, ChicagoO3$y) 
# fitting a surface to ozone measurements. 
surface( fit, type="I")

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