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fields Fitting curves and surfaces to data

fields is a collection of programs based in R for curve and function fitting with an emphasis on spatial data and flexible covariance functions for Kriging.
Beta Version for the Field Guide: fields_5.01.tar.gz 21OCT2008

Estimated 20 year return levels
for daily rainfall in the Colorado Front Range.
  • Lecture 1, D. Nychka
    Ridge Regression, Cubic smoothing splines

  • Lecture 2, D. Nychka
    Kriging and spatial process estimates
    R code and fields examples for the Midwest daily ozone data set (ozone2).

  • Lecture 2b, D. Nychka
    How does fields work?
    R code for fields functions to illustrate how the package works.

  • Lecture 3, S. Sain
    Multivariate spatial models.

  • Lecture 4, R. Furrer
    Sparse matrix methods for large datasets.

    Course source code directory

    Data sets and more ...