APPM2720 Quiz 1

You should work on this quiz on your own and not get help from others. You are however, encouraged to use the web and any other reference materials and resources to complete these questions. All the bulleted parts count an equal amount of points.

To make it easy to work this quiz all data sets are included in the APPM2720 Quiz directory. They are also in the dataWorkshop package and also have been posted in the Week3 class folder

Please submit your work to me by email before class on Monday February 1, 2016. You can submit your answers:

(1) Load the data set BoulderJuneTemperature ( in BT.rda) create a working data set: BT<-BoulderJuneTemperature$Temp

(2) Load the data set BoulderTemperature (in BoulderTemperature.rda) This is a data frame of monthly mean temperatures from 1897 through 2014).

(3) In R to find the missing values (NAs) in a data set you can use the function to create a data set of TRUE/FALSE values where TRUE means the original values was missing. For example:

test<- c( 1,3,4.5, NA,10)
sum( ind)

Will give you the number of missing values in a the data set test.