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Post-doctoral Fellows (*) and Graduate Students (Thèse de Troisième cycle, Thèse d'Etat, Nouvelle Thèse, Habilitation à diriger des recherches, PhD):

  • Alexandros Alexakis * , on nonlocal interactions in turbulent fluids
  • Francesca Bacciotti * , on star formation and jets
  • Olush Boratav * , on compressible turbulence
  • Barak Galanti, on dynamos in Beltrami flows
  • Sébastien Galtier, on heating of the solar corona and weak MHD turbulence
  • Catherine Gloaguen, on shell models of MHD turbulence and intermittency
  • Thomas Gomez, on compressible turbulence and exact laws in MHD flows
  • Roland Grappin, on two-point closures in MHD and velocity-magnetic field correlations
  • Ed Lee, on modeling of turbulent flows and universality
  • Pablo Mininni * , on hydrodynamic and MHD turbulence, dynamos at small magnetic Prandtl numbers and peta-scale computing
  • Thierry Passot, on compressible turbulence in the interstellar medium and star formation
  • Jonathan Pietarila-Graham, on modeling turbulent flows and regularization
  • Hélène Politano, on MHD turbulence
  • Joachim Saur * , on weak MHD turbulence in the Jovian magnetosphere
  • Luca Sorriso--Valvo, on measures of intermittency in MHD
  • Jai Sukhatme * , on atmospheric turbulence
  • Jeff Weiss * , on two-point closures in compressible turbulence
  • Vladimir Zheligovski * , on spherical dynamos and chaos
  • Egbert Zienicke * , on dynamos and chaos

Graduate and Undergraduate Students, for shorter lengths of time:

  • Pascale Beaufumé
  • Alain Broc
  • Philippe Caillol
  • Jim Collett
  • Coralie de Crisenoy
  • Andrew Gilbert
  • Olivier Maschi
  • Olga Podvigina
  • Marc Zolver
  • Thomas Zurbuchen

Graduate classes and international summer schools

  • Les Houches, 1996: Turbulence Modeling
  • Nordita, Kittila, 1996: Introduction to MHD and compressible turbulence, unpublished
  • NATO ASI, Heraklion, 1995: Introduction to turbulence
  • European school in Physics, San Miniato, 1994: Hydrodynamic Turbulence
  • Goutelas, 1993: Introduction to numerical simulations for turbulent flows (in French)
  • HAO (NCAR), 1989: Turbulent magnetic fields, unpublished
  • Les Houches, 1988: MHD Turbulence (Publication in 1993)
  • St Andrews, 1987: Turbulence and numerical aspects
  • University of Nice (DEA), for ~ five years: Introduction to turbulence, unpublished
  • NASA--Langley, 1985: Closure Methods in Turbulence, unpublished
  • Observatoire de Nice, 1976: General Relativity, unpublished
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