Kevin Raeder

Associate Scientist III
Institute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Boulder, CO 80307
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My primary responsibility as an Associate Scientist in the Data Assimilation Research Section (DAReS) of IMAGe at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. is to maintain the software interface between the Data Assimilation Research Testbed and the NCAR Community Atmosphere Model, (CAM) and, in the future, the Community Climate System Model. A brief introduction to the interface is available. The goal is to facilitate the incorporation of data assimilation using CAM into research by the university and government research communities and NCAR researchers.

Previous work involved the development and use, with Ron Errico (NASA-GMAO), of the Mesoscale Adjoint Modeling System (MAMS) for research into fundamental issues of adjoints of complex models used in variational data assimilation.

Select Projects

Data Assimilation Research Testbed

The Data Assimilation Research Testbed (DART) is an effort led by Jeff Anderson to develop a suite of software to explore various ensemble data assimilation methodologies (as opposed to conducting operational data assimilation). We have developed a very modular suite of ensemble filter assimilation algorithms, models and observations to accelerate research and education in data assimilation and forecasting.

Current collaborations include

  1. Justin Bagley and Eric DeWeaver (U. Wisconsin). Projects using DART to tune parameters in the first indirect effect of aerosol on clouds using satellite data, and the relationship between arctic tropopause and surface circulation.
  2. Robert Pincus, Jeff Whitaker, Patrick Hofmann (NOAA). Using DART and a variety of models (CAM-FV, AM2, GEOS5, GFS) to assimilate MODIS cloud liquid water observations.
  3. Ave Arellano and Peter Hess (NCAR/ACD); Assimilating MOPITT observations of carbon monoxide into a simple chemistry model incorporated in CAM.

See my vita for a list of publications.

Various useful (to me) links.

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