Tamara A. Greasby

Contact Information:
Voice: (303) 497-2493
Email: tgreasby "at" ucar "dot" edu

A little about me:
I am currently a postdoc in IMAGe at NCAR. I have two main research projects here. The first is looking at heat stress and vulnerability in Houston, Texas. The second is looking at uncertainity quantification in regional climate models. Specificaly, the variability in the annual temperature profile both spatially and amongst the NARCCAP models. A related application uses the annual temperature profile to explore changes in the frequency of extreme temperature events. Included with both of those projects is an interest in creating interactive graphics for EDA and to convey results.

I earned both my Masters and Ph.D. in Biostatistics at the University of California, Davis. My dissertation reasearch is related to forecasting wind power for a wind farm in Solano County using semi-parametric and non-parametric time series. In addition to that work, I had a number of collaborative projects with the UC Davis Medical School. Applications varied from gene expression studies to cancer outcomes in house cats.

My interests include swimming, running, hiking, and cycling.

Some examples of my work with SVG graphics can be found here. These are best viewed in Opera or Safari.

Current Projects:
Tamara A. Greasby, Stephan R. Sain. Assessing uncertainty in climate model ensembles via annual temperature profiles. PDF.

Tamara A. Greasby, Stephan R. Sain, Olga Wilhelmi, Mary Hayden. Adaptive capacity and heat: a multi-dimensional scaling approach. (Working Paper)

Tamara A. Greasby, Stephan R. Sain, Matthew Heaton, Linda Mearns. A Bayesian ensemble from the North American Regional Climate Assessment Program: RCMs, GCMs, and their interaction. (In Progress)

Tamara A. Greasby, Martin P. Tingley. Changes in daily temperature extremes in the continental United States, 1979-2012. (In Progress)

Heaton, M.J., Greasby, T.A., and Sain, S.R., Modeling Uncertainty in Climate using Ensembles of Regional and Global Climate Models and Multiple Data Sets. (Under Review)

Heaton, M.J., Sain, S.R., Greasby, T.A., Wilhelmi, O. and Hayden, M. Investigating the Local Impact of Heat Exposure on Public Health in Houston, Texas using Spatially-Varying Coefficient Models. (Under Review)

Tamara A. Greasby, Stephan R. Sain. Multivariate Spatial Analysis of Climate Change Projections. Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics. (2011) 16, 571-585, DOI: 10.1007/s13253- 011-0072-8.

Frederick J. Meyers, Michael Carducci, Matthew Loscalzo, John Linder, Tamara Greasby, Laurel Beckett. Effects of a problem-solving intervention (COPE) on quality of life for advanced cancer patients on clinical trials and their caregivers: Simultaneous Care Educational Intervention (SCEI): Linking Palliation and Clinical Trials. Journal of Palliative Medicine. (April 2011), 14(4): 465-473. doi:10.1089/jpm.2010.0416.

Wayne L. Monsky, Isaac Kim, Shaun Loh, Chin-Shang Li, Tamara A. Greasby, Larry- Stuart Deutsch, and Ramsey D. Badawi. Semiautomated segmentation for volumetric analysis of intratumoral ethiodol up- take and subsequent tumor necrosis after chemoembolization. American Journal of Roentgenology (2010) 195:1220-1230.

Enrique O. Graue-Hernandez, Mark J. Mannis, Kasrah Eliasieh, Tamara A Greasby, Laurel A. Beckett, Jay C. Bradley, Ivan R. Schwab. Salzmanns Nodular Degeneration. Cornea (2010).

John H. Peters, Tammy Greasby, Nancy Lane, Anthony Woolf. Correlations between plasma levels of a fibronectin isoform subpopulation and C-reactive protein in patients with systemic inflammatory disease. Biomarkers (2009).

Stephen C. Shaw, Michael S. Kent, Ira K. Gordon, Cameron J. Collins, Tamara A. Greasby, Laurel A. Beckett, Genevive M. Hammond, Katherine A. Skorupski. Temporal changes in characteristics of injection- site sarcomas in cats: 392 cases (1990-2006). Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (2009) 234:376-380.

Shonket Ray, Rosalie Hagge, Marijo Gillen, Miguel Cerejo, Shidrokh Shakeri, Laurel Beckett, Tamara Greasby, and Ramsey D. Badawi. Comparison of two-dimensional and three-dimensional iterative water- shed segmentation methods in hepatic tumor volumetrics. Medical Physics (2008) 35:5869.

Richard Szubin, W.L. William Chang, Tamara Greasby, Laurel Beckett, Nicole Baumgarth. Rigid Interferon-α Subtype Responses of Human Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells. Journal of Interferon and Cy- tokine Research (2008) 28:749-764.

Eugenio O. Gerscovich, Christopher W. Park, Michelle Z. Dulude, John P. McGahan, Rebecca Stein-Wexler, Tamara A. Greasby, and Laurel A. Beckett. Increased Rotational Mobility of the Testis After Vasectomy: A Sonographic Study. Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine (2008) 27:1667.