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Boxplots for conditional distribution


Draws boxplots for y by binning on x. This gives a coarse, but quick, representation of the conditional distrubtion of [Y|X] in terms of boxplots.


bplot.xy(x, y, N = 10, breaks = pretty(x, N, eps.correct = 1),
         style = "tukey", outlier = TRUE, plot = TRUE, xaxt =
         "s", ...)


x Vector to use for bin membership
y Vector to use for constructing boxplot statistics.
N Number of bins on x. Default is 10.
breaks Break points defining bin boundaries. These can be unequally spaced.
style Type of boxplot default is "tukey". The other choice is "quantile" where the whiskers are drawn to the 5 and 95 percentiles instead being based on the inner fences.
xaxt Plotting parameter for x-axis generation. Default is to produce an x-axis.
outlier If true outliers (points beyond outer fences) will be added to the plots.
plot If false just returns a list with the statistics used for plotting the box plots.
... Any other optional arguments passed to the bplot.obj function there are quite a few that are useful, see the help file for bplot for details.

See Also

bplot, draw.bplot


# condition on swim times to see how run times vary
bplot.xy( minitri$swim, minitri$run, N=5)

# bivariate normal corr= .6
set.seed( 123)
x<-rnorm( 2000)
y<- .6*x +  sqrt( 1- .6**2)*rnorm( 200)
bplot.xy( x,y, breaks=seq( -3, 3,,15) ,xlim =c(-4,4), ylim =c(-4,4))
points( x,y, pch=".", col=3)

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