Wimage.info.plot {fields}R Documentation

Plot to check 2-d multiresolution indexing


Plots in image format the differnt blocks of coefficents associated with a 2-d multiresolution. This function can be used to check the Wtransform indexing functions and is also an introduction to how the coefficients are organized.


Wimage.info.plot(m, n, cut.min)


m Number of rows in image
n Number of columns of image
cut.min Smallest number of smooth basis functions. Coarsest resolution will have atleast cut.min X cut.min basis functions with support on a regular grid.


This function was used to check the (compicated) indexing functions work. But it also might a useful graphics to desribe how the different levels of wavelet coefficients are pack into the image format.


Doug Nychka

See Also

Wtransform.image, W.info, Wimage.info,


# 64X 128 image coarsest level has 8X16 smooth basis funcitons. 
# NOTE as a matrix the image plot is upside down! Rows are along X-axis and 
# columns on Y
# e.g. the (1,1) element is the lower left corner. 

Wimage.info.plot( 64, 128, cut.min=8)

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