updated 6/20/06

CMG - Geophysical Turbulence Program Workshop

"Modeling Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence:
Application to Planetary and Stellar Dynamos."

27-30 June 2006; Boulder, Colorado, USA

Abstract submission

Participants who wish to propose a poster need to provide an abstract of one page (maximum) to Liz Rothney by March 20, 2006. Acceptance of posters will be given by the end of March.

Invited Speakers

Speakers are requested to prepare a 2-page extended abstract using the LaTex template given below.

GTP_Template_abs.tex (template for extended abstract)
GTP_Template_abs.pdf (pdf file of an example of extended abstract)

Please email LaTex, pdf and eps files to Liz Rothney at rothney "at" ucar "dot" edu by June 1st 2006. If you are not able to use the LaTex template, please send your material to Liz Rothney no later than June 1st 2006.