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Theme for 2006: Emerging Mathematical Strategies for
Multi-Scale and Stochastic Modeling of the Atmosphere and Climate

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Workshop I. Multi-scale Interactions in the Tropics to Midlatitudes:
Mathematical Theory, Observations and Numerical Models

26-30 September 2005; Boulder, CO

Registration closes 1 September 2005

To apply to attend the Workshop or for travel support, please complete the following form and then click the [Submit] button. Items in red are required. Following submission, a confirmation of your application will be displayed. (Print a copy for your records.)

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and accepted applicants notified by E-mail. All acceptances will be sent by 9 September 2005.

A letter of application stating your research interests is required. If a graduate student, please include a description of relevant coursework and training, CV, and short letter of recommendation from a faculty advisor. New researchers and members of under-represented groups are especially encouraged to apply. All application material should be sent via E-mail to rothney 'at' ucar _dot_ edu

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