Institute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences (IMAGe)


IMAGe Advisory Board for 2009

  • Chris Bretherton, University of Washington, Department of Atmospheric Sciences

  • James Curry, University of Colorado at Boulder, Department of Applied Mathematics

  • Alan Gelfand, Duke University, Statistics and Decision Sciences

  • Darryl Holm, Imperial College & Los Alamos National Laboratory

  • Chris Jones, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Department of Mathematics

  • Andrew Majda, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

  • Dimitri J. Mavriplis University of Wyoming, Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • William H. Matthaeus University of Delaware, Department of Pysics and Astronomy

  • George Papanicolaou, Stanford University, Department of Mathematics

  • Carolyn Reynolds, Naval Research Laboratory, Marine Meteorology Division

  • Ellen Zweibel, University of Wisconsin, Astronomy Department

2009 Meeting

The IMAGe Advisory Board meeting January 26-27, 2009 is scheduled for with a specific charge to guide its deliberations and feedback.

Charge to the Board

The IMAGe Advisory Board is a external advisory group that will report to Doug Nychka, the IMAGe Director and Al Kellie, the Director of the Computational and Information Systems Laboratory. The Board will provide a valuable external perspective on IMAGe and in general is encouraged to:

  • suggest ways that IMAGe can interact with the broader mathematical sciences communities.
  • identify areas or problems in the geosciences that have the potential to benefit from mathematical and statistical methods and where IMAGe can facilitate collaboration.
  • In addition to these general concerns the Board is asked to review the IMAGe strategic plan suggesting ways it can be improved both in terms of content and in presentation.
The products from the Board visit are a short oral report at the end of the visit to the IMAGe staff and a written report sent within a few weeks after the visit. The Board should not feel limited by the specific topics listed above and if they are encouraged to address other areas that are relevant to the mission and goals of IMAGe. The Board can also provide informal comments to Doug Nychka that they feel need not be included in the report.