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Theme for 2008: Geophysical Turbulence Phenomena

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Summer School: Geophysical Turbulence

14 July - 1 August 2008, Boulder, Colorado

Obtaining a Foreign Visa

If you will be traveling into the United States on a visa, please take note of the following:

  • Since the beginning of 2003, the entry process into the United States is more difficult and prolonged than in the past (the process may take as long as 3 months, and possibly longer). Early planning is the best method to obtaining your visa in time. A good web site with information on the process and contact information is

  • Contact the United States Consulate or Embassy in your country. Find out what is exactly needed in terms of documentation and presentation. Each consulate has different expectations.

  • The U.S. Department of State has mandated that nearly all applications for non-immigrant visas (such as J-1, H-1, and B visas) undergo a personal interview at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate as part of the visa application procedure. *

  • Call the Embassy or Consulate early to schedule your interview. They will usually set a date and you will have time beforehand to gather all the documentation necessary.

If you would like an invitation letter from us which states the purpose of your travel, please request one as early as possible. Send your request to Liz Rothney <>  When requesting an invitation letter, please:

  • Request the inviation early enough so that we can get it to you prior to your interview (you will need this invitation for the visa interview, not the application process, so you can start the visa application without the invitation letter).

  • Supply us with a fax number so we can fax the invitation to you.

  • If you wish to receive the original also, please mention that in the email and include the address to which the letter should be sent. (The faxed copy can be used in the visa interview.)

  • Even the visa waiver process sometimes requires an invitation letter. Verify what is needed before you go to the airport.

*Often the application will be sent to other agencies for review, delaying the process more. Some countries are requiring a registration process to insure the visitor complies with the term of the visa.