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Theme for 2008: Geophysical Turbulence Phenomena

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Summer School: Geophysical Turbulence

14 July - 1 August 2008, Boulder, Colorado

NCAR, Mesa Laboratory, Main Seminar Room
1850 Table Mesa Drive
Boulder, CO



Week 1 - July 14 - July 18
Monday Geophysical Fluid Dynamics of the Earth
Jeffrey Weiss, University of Colorado, Boulder
Overview and Theory
Andrew Majda


Tuesday Derivation of the Boussinesq Equations
Leslie Smith
Class Notes2
Class Notes3
Andrew Majda

Student Presentations

Wednesday Linear and Nonlinear Structure of the Rotating Boussinesq (RB) Equations in Terms of Waves
Leslie Smith
New Multi-Scale Models on Mesoscales and Squall Lines
Andrew Majda


Thursday Traditional and Alternative Derivations of the Quasi-Geostrophic (QG) Equations from RB
Leslie Smith
Coherent Structures in Geophysical Turbulence
Jeff Weiss
Coherent Structures in Shear Flows
Fabian Waleffe


Friday Results of Numerical Simulations and Derivation of Reduced Models "In Between" QG and RBE
Leslie Smith
A Simple Dynamical Model with Features of Convective Momentum Transport,
Samuel Stechmann, New York University
Theoretical Studies of Strongly Nonlinear Langmuir Circulation
Greg Chini, University of New Hampshire



Week 2 - July 21 - July 25
Monday Turbulence in Geophysical Flows
Joseph H. Fernando, Arizona State University

Student Presentations


Tuesday Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Joseph H. Fernando, Arizona State University
A Broad Overview of Scientific Visualization with a Focus on Geophysical Turbulence Simulation Data (SciVis 101 for Turbulence Researchers )
John Clyne, NCAR
Domain Decomposition Methods for Partial Differential Equations
David Keyes, Columbia University

Student Presentations


Wednesday "In Situ" and Remote Sensing of Turbulence
Larry Cornman, Research Applications Laboratory, NCAR


Thursday Nocturnal (Stable) Atmospheric Boundary Layers
Joseph H. Fernando
Numerical Modeling of Multiscale Atmospheric Flows: From Cloud Microscale to Climate
Wojciech Grabowski, NCAR


Friday Subgrid-Scale Motions in Rough Wall Boundary Layers
Peter P. Sullivan, NCAR
Turbulence Modeling for Atmospheric Simulations
Tom Lund, CoRA

Student Presentations




Week 3 - July 28 - August 1
Monday Regional Scale Modeling and Numerical Weather Prediction
Jimy Dudhia, MMM NCAR
The Wind in the Willows (Canopy Turbulence)
Edward (Ned) Patton, MMM NCAR
Gravity Wave Breaking in the Atmosphere
Joseph Werne, NWRA/CoRA

Student Presentations


Tuesday Scalar Data Visualization for Volumetric (3D) Fields
John Clyne, NCAR
Turbulent Transport: Quantifying the Role of Coherent Structures
Mark Rast, University of Colorado, Boulder
A Global Atmospheric Model
Joe Tribbia, NCAR
Wednesday The Peril of Petascale: Looming Challenges in Large-Scale Computational Science
John Clyne, NCAR