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Digital Elevations and Digital Orthophoto fields for Mary Jane Ski Resort

Doug Nychka email: nychka "at" ucar "dot" edu

These data form the basis for a extended example using the  fields package for fitting and manipulating curves and surfaces. Refer to the poster, presented at the

Joint Statistical Meetings 2007 for more details on the statistics. The three data components for  this example are located in the WinterPark Mary Jane Ski resort in Colorado and centered around the Super Gauge lift and Riflesight notch ski trial.

Mary Jane Project

The Mary Jane Project (MJP) is a web based guide for the primary ungroomed trails at Winter Park/Mary Jane ski resort. This page provides some quantitative analysis of one run that is part of the MJP.
We would like to acknowledge Allie Nychka from MJP for sharing her broad knowledge on the ski area.


Data sets

The R datasets and supporting functions are contained in the R binary format file RifleSight.rda and can be obtained from the data directory . (just download this file -- don't let your browser try to display it!)

Both image datasets were obtained through the USGS seamless data distribution service. These images are in standard R image list format with components  x  the grid values for longitude,  y the grid for latitudes and z a matrix of values.

Additional components are

fig3.RifleSight fig4.RifleSight (Ski run from  Lower left to upper right)

More detailed data analysis including Kriging using R and fields


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