Institute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences (IMAGe)

GSP Adumbration:

Mission Encourage the application and development of statistics to address problems in the geosciences.
Current PI's: Rick Katz (ISSE), Joe Tribbia (CGD), Doug Nychka (GSP), Jeff Anderson (DAI)
Base Funding: NSF-DMS Probability and Statistics
Original (report) 7/1993 - 6/1999 $4M DMS-9312686
Renewal1 (report) 7/1999- 6/2004 $3M DMS-9815344
Renewal2 (proposal) 7/2004- present DMS-0355474
Permanent Staff: Project leader (Nychka),
Associate Scientist III (Hoar),
Administrative Assistant (Rothney)
Postdocs: 4-6 recent Statistics PhD's on two-three year terms
Visitors: Senior sabbatical visitor, several shorter term visitors.
Administration: GSP is administered as a section in IMAGe
Oversight and guidance: External advisory panel of prominent statistical researchers and atmospheric scientists. Internal panel of NCAR scientists.

Some statistical research topics

  • Modeling and Inference for Spatial and Spatial-temporal Processes
  • Hierarchical and Nonlinear Processes
  • Statistical Computing and Analysis of large Datasets
  • Flexible Regression Models
  • Statistical Design
  • Inverse Problems
  • Functional Data Analysis
GSP Mission Statement
Project Management and Oversight

GSP reports and plans for research

These reports are short, acessible summaries of the yearly progress among the different GSP projects.
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