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Travel Information

Denver's airport (DIA) is a long way from Boulder. A taxi is guaranteed to cost in excess of $60 or $70 one-way, for example, and is not a reimburseable expense. There are two good alternatives to taxis to get from DIA to Boulder. The SuperShuttle and the RTD SkyRide. The SuperShuttle will take you door-to-door for around $25. The RTD SkyRide (specifically, the "AB") will take you to the main Boulder bus terminal (which is a nice one, BTW) where you catch the JUMP to the Millenium Harvest House. Make sure you ask the AB driver for a transfer when you get off and the whole one-way trip is yours for $10. The JUMP runs every 10 minutes the vast majority of the time.

But, first things first ...

Denver's airport -- DIA

DIA has three concourses and a main terminal connected by an underground train. Concourse A is closest to the main terminal, C is farthest away. The ONLY way to get from Concourses B and C to the main terminal is by this train. Really. Concourse A has an indoor elevated walkway, but it is a long one. You may want to take the train just because. The train simply goes up and down the line: C--B--A--Main. Even if you get on going the wrong direction, you will ultimately wind up at the main terminal a few minutes later.

The Main Terminal

When you come up the stairs from the train (and face the huge water sculpture), you are at the same level as baggage claim. The main terminal is oriented North-South, there are baggage claims on both the East and West sides. They are numbered, so if your number is not on your current side ... you get one more guess.

This is also the right floor to find the ticket counters for ground transportation.

Ground Transportation

You really have three choices. If you're fabulously wealthy (remember, not reimburseable) and enjoy driving long distances in heavy traffic, you can rent a car at any one of the agencies in the main terminal area. [Directions to the Millennium] Otherwise, you can take the Supershuttle ($25 one-way) or the RTD ($10 one-way, $18 round-trip with a prepaid ticket available in the Airport terminal).

Once you're in Boulder, public transportation is easy and convenient.


You can buy a ticket for the Supershuttle at one of their counters somewhere between the train exit and the baggage claim. The SuperShuttle is a door-to-door service, so you can tell them exactly where you want to go. There is quite a deal if multiple people are going to the same destination: $25 for the first person, $10 for each additional person. If you are staying at the Millennium Harvest House, the address is:

The Millennium Harvest House
1345 28th Street
Boulder, CO
USA 80302-6899

Public Transportation

The Millennium is not directly on the bus route between the airport and Boulder's city center, so you have to transfer -- but only once. There are several options: my suggestion is to use the Trip Planner available from the RTD home page. All permutations start with catching the AB bus. The worst case scenario is that you wind up in beautiful downtown Boulder at a very nice bus terminal and you catch the JUMP to Arapahoe and 28th.

The AB line goes between the Airport and Boulder. It picks up passengers and luggage on the WEST side of DIA first, then circles to the EAST side and does the same. If you see it pulling away from the WEST side, sometimes you can actually hustle back through the terminal to the EAST side and still catch them! You pick up the AB on Level 5, Island 5, outside door 506 on the West side; or Level 5, Island 5, outside door 513, on the East side. You pay as you get on the bus -OR- you can buy tickets at the RTD kiosk on the 5th floor of the terminal (the one with the huge water sculpture) and give them to the driver. If you do not have $10 exactly, you will need to get a ticket at the RTD counter. Round-trip tickets are $18 at the RTD counter.

The AB Schedule is different for weekdays/Saturdays/Sundays. The weekend schedule for the AB is pretty much hourly; first bus at 6:15AM, last bus at 11:20PM. They are usually very prompt. The RTD is clean, comfortable, and the driver will handle your bags much like a skycab; you're not fighting with the bags on the bus, they're stored below. Again -- you will need exactly $10 or a prepaid ticket, the driver cannot make change.