Data Assimilation and Climate Research
June 23-25

Although climate prediction does not incorporate data in the same sequential manner as weather forecasting, the role of data is critical in many respects. This includes initializing models with the estimate of current conditions and comparing simulated climate to long-term collections of observations. An emerging area is the use of data assimliation to scrutinize the climate processes in a model using observations on shorter time scales.


The format will consist of research lectures to set the stage for participant discussion about directions that should be taken in data assimilation research in order to tackle problems that are coming up in climate studies. A natural focus would be on situations of sparse data and long timescales.


    Chris Jones,Co-Director Theme of the Year
    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    Hans Kaper , Co-Director Theme of the Year
    Argonne National Laboratory and Georgetown University, Washington
    Juan M. Restrepo
    Mathematics Department, University of Arizona
    Jeff Anderson
    NCAR IMAGe Staff

Invited Lecturers