Summer Graduate School on Climate Change July 12 - 23, 2010
Foothills Laboratory 2, 3450 Mitchell Lane , Main Auditorium   Link

Agenda Week 1

Each Day will have 3 lectures, time for breaks and a lab period.
Labs will be structured by the lecturers and will also have a lead TA.
The first day will begin at 8:30 with a welcome and introduction.
Subsequent days will start at 9:00 and follow, in an approximate way, the daily format:

Lecture A 9:00 - 10:15
Break 1 10:15 - 10:45
Lecture B 10:45 - 12:00
Lunch 12:00 - 1:30
Lecture C 1:30 - 2:00
Discussion 2:00 - 3:00
Break 2 3:00 - 3:30
Lab 3:30 - 5:30
Bus back to Golden Buff and Boulder Inn at 5:45 approx.

Monday July 12

Introduction to Climate

A  Dynamics of the Earth's climate system, Doug Nychka (NCAR)  [Lecture(pdf)], 
B  Present and past Climate, Pam Martin (University of Chicago)  [Lecture(pdf)], 
C  Structure and chemistry of the atmosphere, Laura Voss (Bowdoin College)  [Lecture(pdf)], 
Lab  Matlab Intro/ Review, Esther Widiasih (University of Minnesota)

Tuesday July 13

Simple models for climate dynamics and equilibria

A  Energy Balance Models, Dick McGehee (University of Minnesota)  [Lecture(pdf)], 
B  A Jormungand solution to the Snowball Paradox?, Dorian Abbot (University of Chicago)  [Lecture(pdf)], 
C  Tipping points in a simple model of Arctic sea ice, Mary Silber (University of Chicago)  [Lecture(pdf)], 
Lab  Simple models, Dick McGehee and Esther Widiasih (University of Minnesota)
Mixer  You are invited to attend the school mixer that will be held outside if weather permits or in the cafeteria atrium from 5:00 to 6:15. The bus will pick up passengers from 6:15 to 6:30 and take them back to the hotel.

Wednesday July 14

Looking at climate data

A  EOFs and spatial data, Doug Nychka  [Lecture(pdf)], 
B  Decomposition of fields, Dave Camp (California Polytechnic State University)  [Lecture(pdf)], 
C  Combining data and models, Chris Danforth (University of Vermont)   [Lecture(pdf)], 
Lab  Interpreting spatial data and time series, King-Fai Li (California Institute of Technology)

Thursday July 15

Intermediate models

A  Equations of geophysical fluid dynamics (GFD), Chris Jones (University of North Carolina)   [Lecture(pdf)], 
B and C   Simple to intermediate models for climate change Chris Forest (Penn State University)  [Lecture(pdf)], 
Lab  Analyzing IGSM output and sensitivities, Adrean Webb (University of Colorado)

Friday July 16


A  Topics using models
B  Topics using data
C  Project discussion
Lab  Teams work on projects

Saturday July 17

Field trip

Bus will pick up interested students at 8:00am sharp to visit the CU Mountain Research Station facilities located in the mountains followed by lunch on your own in the town of Nederland. Bus will take passengers back to Boulder at 1:30pm