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Milford Sound, New Zealand - photo taken by Tim Hoar
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The Institute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences
and the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
Summer Graduate Workshop on Data Assimilation for the Carbon Cycle
Boulder, CO   8-13 July 2007

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Institute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences Institute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences


Monday, 9 July
Lecture 1 The Carbon Cycle, Inez Fung, University of California, Berkeley
Lecture 2 Data Assimilation and Forecasting the Weather, Eugenia Kalnay, University of Maryland
Lecture 3 Prologue: A Statistician's View of the Carbon Problem, Doug Nychka, NCAR IMAGe
Special Seminar Synthesizing Information for the Environmental Sciences, James S. Clark, Duke University
Tuesday, 10 July
Lecture 4 Carbon Cycle: An Inverse Problem, Inez Fung, University of California, Berkeley
Lectures 5-6 Distributions, Spacial Statistics and a Bayesian Perspective, Doug Nychka, NCAR IMAGe
  The Likelihood, the Prior and Bayes Theorem, Doug Nychka, NCAR IMAGe
  Ancient and Modern Ways to Evaluate the Posterior, Doug Nychka, NCAR IMAGe
Research Vignette 1 Data Assimilation for Tropospheric CO, Avelino Arellano, NCAR SCD
Wednesday, 11 July
Research Vignette 2 Ensemble Kalman Filter in the Presence of Model Errors, Eugenia Kalnay, University of Maryland
Thursday, 12 July
Lecture 7 A Parametric and Process-oriented View of the Carbon System, David Schimel, NCAR CGD
Research Vignette 3 The TransCom3 Time-Dependent Global CO2 Flux Inversion
... and More
, David Baker, NCAR CGD
Research Vignette 4 Aircraft CO2 Observations and Global Carbon Budgeting, Britton Stephens, NCAR EOL
Friday, 13 July
Six Microtalks Simulation of Atmospheric CO2 Concentration with SPEEDY, Ji-Sun Kang, University of Maryland
  The application of ensemble Kalman filter in adaptive observation and information content estimation studies, Junjie Liu, University of Maryland
  Ground-based Observations of Total Column CO2, Gretchen Keppel Aleks, California Institute of Technology
  Physical-Statistical Modeling, Rajib Paul, Ohio State University
  A Funny Twist on Geostatistics, Ben Shaby, Cornell University
  Ensemble Kalman Filter: The Movie, Doug Nychka, NCAR IMAGe